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 Happy 4th birthday to my little boy Noah! I love you soo much boy and as your dad, it is my duty to bless you.

Blessing 1: you will live to fulfill your destiny and purpose on earth.

Blessing 2: After attaining all your university degrees, you will play professional football for barcelona (£800k a week)

Blessing 3: No slay queen will end your destiny like samson in the bible be it from naija or abroad. They will obviously try cos you are fine like your dad but they will not succeed Ooonkayyn 

Blessing 4: you will be a source of blessing to your generation, anyone around you shall be blessed. 

Blessing 5: God will protect you and any negative plot against you will back fire. 

Blessing 6: Amongst all your peers, you will standout! 
All these i pray! Amen cc @noahcod



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