Yesterday, Singer, Simi tweeted in support of Dorcas, and while doing so, she struck the nerves of some Nigerians, after she tagged them as "people with bullshit mentality". Here's what she wrote;


"I don't know what kind of bullshit mentality will cause someone to watch those videos and decide to talk trash abt Dorcas. I don't give a shit abt the details that u have a problem with. U're full of shit. Especially if u're a chic and decided to bash her. U're full of shit!"

Then she continued: "I'm not asking anyone not to believe what they want - but nobody was there but the 2 of them. If someone is in trouble, this will only drive them to keep it to themselves. Don't drag anybody for filth, cos u were not there. It is wrong. Even if don't want to hear it, it is wrong!"

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Simiss 01?resize=606%2C462

Her tweets sparked outrage, with many folks coming for her.. and she was apparently, forced to delete her tweets... then she aplogized!

Simi 2?resize=615%2C484

Her action doesn't come as a surprise, as her colleague, Adekunle Gold was also forced to delete his tweet, after calling Nigerians, "Animals" [Read Here]

In the same vain, a Blogger, Ovie also shared his opinion about the Dorcas/Taxify issue, and he threatened to block whoever has a different opinions than his.. He wasn't spared also; See the exchange below;











UPDATE: The Driver has taken legal action against Actress, Dorcas Fapson. [Details Here]

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