Ebiminor Preye has proven many folks wrong on Social media, and she's just prove that determination and focus will surely help one achieve their goals.

Her best friend, Emeka Ezeagbo celebrated her on Facebook, by writing...

"CONGRATULATIONS. Meet my friend Ebiminor Preye who does #pop for a living and has achieved a lot in life through her skill of pop making and has just bought herself a car to ease her movement."

"It's never too late to have a rethink and do something that could benefit you and people around you."

"The bottom line is: Believe in yourself, stay focused. Not jumping from one man's bed? to another or taking 2fraud to survive."

"Congratulations once again my good friend. we love you. #eef"

Preye also shared photos of her new multi-million naira SUV.

Photos of the ride;

SUV 0?resize=640%2C853

SUV 01?resize=640%2C853

SUV 02?resize=640%2C853

SUV 03?resize=640%2C853

SUV 04?resize=640%2C853

More Photos:

Ves 0?resize=528%2C960

Ves 01?resize=640%2C853

Ves 02?resize=640%2C853

Ves 03?resize=640%2C853

Ves 04?resize=528%2C960

Ves 05?resize=528%2C960

Ves 06?resize=528%2C960

Ves 07?resize=640%2C360

Ves 08?resize=528%2C960

Ves 09?resize=528%2C960

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