Gaining new knowledge can be met with mixed feelings especially if you've ruined a fashion piece or anything that you love. Good news is, it's not too late to adapt it to other things.

These tips will save a life and that piece you love

Long lasting perfume

Make your perfume statement last longer by applying a thin coat of vaseline on the same spot you want to spray the perfume.

Vaseline E1514109950928
Vaseline. Photo credit: Vaseline

Jewellery turning green?

Prevent your cheap jewellery from turning green by applying your nail hardener or transparent nail polish on the ring. Leave to dry.

Costume Jewelry E1514109784540
Costume Jewellery. Photo credit: Pinterest

Tight shoes

Do you love that shoe but its too tight? Wear a thick pair of socks. put your feet in the shoes and use your hair dryer around it. Make sure it's hot air. Wriggle your feet in it until you feel its loose enough. Remove and leave to calm.

Shoes E1514108777397

Dry Nail Polish

Don't throw away your dried up favourite nail polish just yet. Pour a few drops of your acetone nail polish remover in it. Leave for an hour to completely melt.

Spilled Nail Polish E1514108979451
Spilled Nail Polish. Photo credit: CollegeFashion

Make Any Lipstick Matte

Get a matte effect with any lipstick by applying the lipstick as usual, place a tissue paper in between your lips and press your lips on it to blot out any lipstick residue. Now use your makeup brush to apply translucent powder on your lips then press your lips together to make it blend.

Matte E1514109540215

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