A Rwandan pastor, is currently under fire after he said that women are the source of all evils and there can't be anything good found in them.

Nicolas Niyibikora, made this statement on a live radio broadcast in Rwanda and people across the country and Africa as a whole are not finding his comment lightly.

Women's rights group, Pro-Femmes Twese Hamwe, complained to the Rwanda Media Commission, which has already scheduled a meeting to discuss on the controversial statement made by the pastor, next week.


Executive secretary of the group, Emmanuel Mugisha, said it was likely the radio station will have to explain itself.

The Seventh Day Adventist preacher, Nicolas Niyibikora, told listener:

"Women are out of God's favour and there is nothing good you can find in women. If you've read the Bible, who brought the sin into the world? It was not a man, but a woman."

The sermon has angered rights groups who stated that such words "can bring hatred and conflict among Rwandans if nothing is urgently done about it."

The Seventh Day Adventists in Rwanda have made efforts to distance themselves from Niyibikora, stating that he was expelled from the church some five years ago.

But chairperson Jeanne d'arc Kanakuze of the pro-women group said the comments were discriminatory and could incite hate against women.

"Apart from being contradictory to the laws of our country starting with the Constitution, the sermon is also at odds with international principles against discrimination and undermining human beings," Kanakuze said.

They are demanding that the pastor and station must be made to publicly apologise to all Rwandans and to women in particular. The management of the station alongside Nicolas Niyibikora are expected to appear before the regulator to explain the incident, executive secretary of the RMC confirmed.

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